President’s Message


In 1979, Koh-yo Suisan Co., Ltd. was established as the company which took over the canned food, fish meal, frozen fish, and Surimi business of Taiyo Fishery Co., Ltd. (now Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd.) along the coasts of Okhotsk and eastern Hokkaido. We have purchased, processed and sold nationwide, a variety of raw fish from such area.

Since then, we have been leading the food culture of marine products by delivering high-quality products with originality that go ahead of time and demand of customers all over the country. Our achievements are all attributed to our customers, business partners and local residents. We express our sincere gratitude for it.

The impact of global warming has also naturally spread throughout Japan, and the aspect of marine resources landed in Hokkaido has also changed significantly. In addition, due to changes in lifestyles and aging population, it is necessary to turn our attention to how "foods" should be. In such a rapidly changing milieu, as a company supplying "foods" which support/assist healthy mental and physical wellbeing, we will continue to aim for a “sustainable supply of genuine, safe, and healthy foods” that matches the demand of the era. We will deliver to everyone from Hokkaido rich in natural blessings, freshly caught salmon, sardine, Pacific saury, and scallop, etc. processed into sashimi, fillets, salmon roe, etc. as "lavish hospitality from the sea".

As a member of Maruha Nichiro Group, "For the ocean, for life", Koh-yo Suisan will continue ambitiously to take on the challenges for the future with sincerity as a principle, along with spirit, pride and kindness.

Thank you for your continued support.


Company Profile

Company Name KOH-YO SUISAN CO., LTD.
Established September 8, 1979
Fiscal Year end March
Capital Stock ¥80 million
Stockholder Maruha Nichiro Corporation(100%)
Employees 329
Net Sales ¥8,521 million (Fiscal Year ended 31st March 2023)
Principal Business Buying, processing and sales of seafood
Head Office 6-584, Shorokoku, Shiranuka, Shiranuka-gun, Hokkaido